Avocados go on an epic adventure from orchards
in Mexico to your table in the U.S. Learn
every step of the avocado journey in
our short documentary, Avocadoland.

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Meeting the U.S. Demand for Mexican Avocados

Avocado Institute

Between 1998 and 2017, per capita avocado consumption in the U.S. skyrocketed from 1.5 pounds all the way to 7.5 pounds, an unseen rate of…

U.S. Ambassador Landau Visits the Avocado Groves in Michoacán, Mexico

Avocado Institute

November 2, 2019 - To many in Michoacán, Mexico it was a day like any…

The Strict Food Safety Procedures of Mexican Avocado Growers

Avocado Institute

Mexican avocado growers and packers have special certifications and trainings, follow strict sanitary measures, and…

How America’s love for avocados boosts economic growth

Media Coverage

Last year, record-breaking imports of Avocados From Mexico contributed a whooping $4 billion to the…

Covid no frena al guacamole; México enviará 4% más aguacate a EU por Super Bowl 2021

Media Coverage

Una de las principales temporadas de envíos de aguacate mexicano a Estados Unidos se da…