Avo Journey

Join us as we follow an avocado's incredible journey from Michoacán to the U.S.

Magic of Michoacán

Come discover why Michoacán, Mexico is the ideal place to grow avocados year-round and the growing conditions needed to create the unique taste and texture of a fruit that we all enjoy. You can also meet the people behind the industry that supplies more than 80% of the avocados consumed in the United States.

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Commitment to Quality and Food Safety

When you ship more than two-billion pounds of avocados across the border each year, food safety becomes a high priority. In Michoacán and Jalisco, it all starts with more than 34,000 farmers across 39 municipalities who are guided by a set of industry standards designed to ensure every avocado that comes into the United States is of the highest quality.

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The Avo Journey to the U.S.

There is nothing like cutting into a fresh avocado from Mexico and tasting that creamy texture we all love. But did you know that less than a week ago, that avocado was likely ripening on a tree nestled in a valley in Mexico? Take a behind the scenes look at the avo journey your avocado takes from farm to table.

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