Avocado Imports Achieve Record-Breaking Impact Growth on Both Sides of the U.S.-Mexico Border

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Imports of Mexican Hass avocados continue to make substantial contributions to the U.S. and Mexican economies according to the latest economic contribution analysis conducted by Texas A&M University1 during the 2021-2022 growing season. Since 1997,the avocado supply from Mexico in the U.S. has jumped to more than 2 billion pounds annually2, and more than 4 billion pounds in the last two years alone3–fueled by consumers’ love of the healthful fruit while also positively benefiting U.S. national and state economies.

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1 2022 Update: The Economic Benefits of U.S. Avocado Imports from Mexico This analysis utilizes the Impact Analysis and Planning Model (IMPLAN) to measure the jobs, revenues, wages and taxes generated by the imports along the value chain on the national and state economies. IMPLAN is an input-output model of the entire U.S. economy that captures the relationships between industries and estimates the economic effects (direct, indirect, and induced). The IMPLAN model reports on four specific types of economic effects: employment contribution, labor income, value-added, and output or gross sales contribution.

2 The Economic Benefits of U.S. Avocado Imports from Mexico

3 Hass Avocado Board Volume Data

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