Maintaining Food Safety Standards in the Avocado Production Chain

From the tree it was grown on to its packaging and shipment, each step of the production chain is necessary in ensuring every avocado meets the industry food safety standards. The growers of this avocado orchard in Uruapan, Michoacan demonstrate the safety procedure of how their fruit is grown, shipped, packaged, and exported abroad.

The Fruitful Livelihood of Mexican Avocado Farmers

Avocados are the symbol of social and economic stability for more than 30,000 farmers with small orchards in Mexico.

The Mexican Avocado Industry’s Commitment to Sustainability

The avocado industry in Mexico is committed to the sustainable development of the avocado-producing region in Michoacán. Its members and…

APEAM Facilitates Safe and Efficient Return to Mexican Avocado Import Operations

The Association of Avocado Exporting Producers and Packers of Mexico (APEAM) has helped expedite an effective, safe return to daily…