Maintaining Food Safety Standards in the Avocado Production Chain

From the tree it was grown on to its packaging and shipment, each step of the production chain is necessary in ensuring every avocado meets the industry food safety standards. The growers of this avocado orchard in Uruapan, Michoacan demonstrate the safety procedure of how their fruit is grown, shipped, packaged, and exported abroad.

Mexican Avocado Imports on Track for Record-Setting Season

Avocados From Mexico – a U.S.-based, non-profit marketing organization to promote Mexican avocados – shows that 2021 Mexican avocado imports…

Productores mexicanos de aguacate rompen récord de exportación a EU

La Asociación de Productores y Empacadores de Aguacate de México (Apeam), reveló que, de acuerdo con las últimas cifras recopiladas…

Mexican avocado association APEAM wins national export award

Mexico's avocado industry association has been recognized by the country's government as the leading foreign trade promotion agency.