Megan Fulton

Megan Fulton

Director of Forests For Monarchs

Megan is a seasoned professional in the field of environmental conservation, with a passion for safeguarding biodiversity and promoting sustainable practices. With a background in communication and business strategy, Megan joined Forests for Monarchs as Executive Director in 2017, bringing a wealth of experience and a commitment to making a positive impact on the environment.

‌Megan holds a Bachelor’s degree from Emerson College and an MBA from Southern New Hampshire University, combining her passion for environmental conservation with a strong foundation in business management. Her education has equipped her with the skills to navigate the intersection of conservation and business, making her a dynamic leader in the nonprofit sector.‌

In addition to her academic achievements, Megan brings years of fundraising and development experience in the nonprofit sector to her role. Additionally, she worked in the high-end wood furniture industry, where she promoted sustainability initiatives. Megan also serves as a consultant to a domestic and sexual violence crisis center in Southern New Hampshire.

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