The U.S. National and State-Level Economic Benefits of Avocado Imports from Mexico


Avocado imports have positive effects on the U.S. economy. Mexican avocados have added billions in U.S. economic output, GDP, and labor income as well as thousands of jobs. Given the steep growth path of Mexican avocado imports, their positive contribution to the U.S. economy is predicted to intensify.

Avocado Imports Achieve Record-Breaking Impact Growth on Both Sides of the U.S.-Mexico Border

1 2022 Update: The Economic Benefits of U.S. Avocado Imports from Mexico This analysis utilizes the Impact Analysis and Planning…

The U.S. National and State Level Economic Benefits of Avocado Imports From Mexico

Avocados from Mexico have clearly tapped into U.S. culinary trends and the cravings of U.S. consumers. According to a Texas…

Mexican Avocado Industry Fact Sheet

An economic contribution analysis from Texas A&M University (2022) shows that Mexican Hass avocado imports have also positively benefited –…